The research is focused on developing durable, scalable and biodegradable biomaterial substitute to leather

for the fashion, accessories, furniture, automotive and transportation industries

who are looking for circular and animal-free solutions.


Feature 1

The business highlights clean growth, low-carbon and circular economy, and brings innovative solutions to the fashion industry. 


Feature 2

The durability has been tested to European and International standards. We are compliant with strict internal quality tests to ensure the traceability of the whole supply chain and the compliance of the UE chemicals REACH regulation and of the ECHA list of candidate SVHC substances.

AmadouMushroomLeather_IreneMarieSeelig3 copy.jpg

Feature 3

The research and development conducted on Amadou Leather™, has increased tensile strength from a ‘light use’ to ‘medium use’ and the first pair of Amadou Leather™ indoor/outdoor slippers were made to confirm commercialization opportunities.